Cut-man course Limerick

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Contact

Hosted by the Munster High Performance Team & Declan Fitzgerald
Like many courses that are provided by the Munster High Performance Team. The Cutman Course gives coaches an opportunity to educate themselves on the latest evidence based techniques in fighter safety and care.

Ultimately the Cutman Course does not endorse the use of dangerous drugs i.e. adrenaline (AIBA Technical rule 16.2.3) nor does it break current European medicine laws.

Rather the course educates participants on natural alternatives which are just as effect and more efficient in their use over a 50 second time period using modern not archaic tools used by Cutmen to date.

The Cutman Course is brought to you by Joseph Clifford Cutman whom has worked with AIBA in Doha World Boxing Championships 2015 and the WSB in 2014.

The course has trained over 200 participants and 4 national amateur boxing teams to date. It’s resounding success based on the courses ability to deliver safe effective evidence based treatments.
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