Members of the council. Co boards Clubs

Members of the council. Co boards  Clubs

I feel clarification is required with reference above firstly there has been no convention of the council as of yet this year my first attempt to hold it on sept 25th failed on an objection from cork co bd on behalf of a member who wanted to be nominated for vice president but nobody knew his intentions untill the closing date for nominations by which time he had been nominated by 15 clubs and 3co boards for member he felt he should have been told this but neither I or any of the clubs  who had nominated him was aware of his intentions. I advised him and all others Munster president included that I could not accede to their proposals to withdraw his name from the nominations that only the co bds and clubs could do that and it was cut off date re nominations I had to prepare voting papers when they got the voting papers they then objected to the election going ahead and demanded we go to nominations again despite the fact that a large percentage o clubs co bds and members had in fact voted by this time at this stage I was instructed to prepare nomination papers again I did this and send them out I then send out the voting papers a second time the election went ahead and results posted to Munster president we held a meeting to decide on a date re convention but once again cork co bd objected even though they had voted in the election this time the objection was on the grounds that one member had been nominated by a club that did not nominate him and I hold my hands up that was the case my mistake or typing error but ultimately mine for not noticing it prior to printing and posting In my view this could not have affected the vote in any way the meeting decided that we should go for a third time and while I did not agree then and still don’t I felt we should have had our convention and gone with results as per ballot from auditors as this was not acceptable it was decided to return the results envelope to the auditor the president giving an undertaking to return the ballot the sad part of this is that nine names were up for eight positions and the morning after our meeting Mick o Brien withdrew his name from the ballot so that left eight elected but they still insist on nominating a third time there was only one other vote that for vice pres and I feel  that as the ballot is complete we should now hold our convention and let the best man win as in my oppinion this bickering has not or will not be do this council any good and our young boxers are being let down Badly not all boxers are up to high performance standard and need the league style tournaments to give them experience cork are running these  type of show weekly why cant we in Munster council one member stated that high performance would look after these boys well I can’t see that happening with 1st year novices and young inixperianced boxers I don’t wish to name members on here or face book but I’m capable

Jim Walsh secretary Munster council