All clubs please check this!!

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Contact

can all Clubs please check that they details are correct in (clubs in Munster 2015-16) on the Munster boxing web page! Please do not hesitate to contact me to make any changes by email

thank you

Munster High Performance Seminar

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Contact

All clubs a seminar on high performance will take this Sat the 15th August at the Firgrove Hotel  10am Jimmy Payne will provide tutors and lectures with video analysis This is a very good seminar and all coaches/Clubs should make it there business to attend

guarda vetting

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Contact

All clubs further to confirmation from H Q all persons over 18 who are not boxers,
but boxers also if involved in coaching must be guarda vetted ! The council will be setting up data base of all vetted persons and proof of same will be required get vetting please

Ref/ Munster tournament

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Contact

please contact the following

R & J COURSE Update

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Contact

As per multi media sent out by secretary Munster council
All clubs; an R/J course will be held on august 23/24th time and venue to be decided costing €70 forms can be Downloaded as per coaching entries from clubs/co boards to secretary Munster council to include entry forms and fee club or co board cheque payable to munster council iaba only those with fees paid and correct forms signed by clubs will sit the course!

Jim Walsh
Co Limerick

Munster Boys Sunday 30/03/14

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Contact

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Munster Boys Sunday
1 boy1 29kg Jack Desmond Vs James Casey
2 boy1. 31kg Michael O Brien Vs John McDonagh
3 boy1. 33kg. Johnny Kennelly Vs Gerard McDonagh
4 boy1. 36kg Stephen Cairns. Vs Barry O Connor
5 boy1 39kg. Mike Mc Namara. Vs Francis Delaney
6 boy1. 42kg. Patrick Lawlor Vs Tony O Reilly
7 boy1 46kg. Adam Healy. Vs Thomas Cawley
8 boy1 48kg Ivan Healy Vs Patrick O Reilly
9 boy1. 50kg Adam Broderick Vs Jordan Devraux
10 boy1. 52kg. Patrick Mongan Vs Drew Taylor
11 boy1 54kg Martin McDonagh Vs James Keenan
12 boy1 63kg John Sweeney. Vs Ryan Smith
13 Jun 60kg James Molloy Vs Gearoid Lynch
14 boy2 29kg Billy Faulkner Vs Ian Hehir
15 boy2 33kg Myles Casey. Vs John O Driscoll
16 boy2 36kg James Conners. Vs Thomas Cronin
17 boy2 39kg Callum Walsh Vs Luke Hurley
18 boy2 42kg Michael O Reilly Vs Jake O Brien
19 boy2 44 kg Mike McGowan Vs Sean Buttler
20 boy2 46kg Jamie Todd Vs Killan Blood
21 boy2 48kg James Power Vs Michael Doyle
22 boy2 50kg Martin Keenan Vs Emest Derviniks
23 boy2 52kg Stefan O Neill. Vs Jack O Sullivan
24boy2 57kg Erin Cronin Vs Bradley McDonagh
25 boy2 60kg Mark Kelleher Vs
26 boy2 63kg Adam O Brien Vs Thomas Keenan
27 boy2 66kg Darragh Desmond Vs Cathal Crowley
28 boy2 70kg John O Donovan Vs Danny O’Connor
29 boy3 36 kg Bernard Casey Vs Sean Mc Cormack
30 boy3 39kg Fearghal DeFaoite Vs Owen McDonagh
31 boy3 42kg Nathan Dempsey Vs Martin McDonagh
32 boy3 44kg Andrew Condon Vs Lorcan Hurley
33 boy3 46kg Tim Lee Casey Vs Finn Barker
34 boy3 48kg Martin McDonagh. Vs Will Heazel
35 boy3 50kg Patrick Doyle Vs Cillian Spillane
36 boy3 52kg Derek Murray Vs Cathal O Meara
37 boy3 54kg Tom McDonagh Vs Gary McDonagh
38boy3 60kg Alan O Donnell Vs Patrick Dunne
39 boy3 63kg Daniel Burke Vs Luke Barrett
40 boy3 70kg Seamus O Sullivan Vs Jordan Joyce

Munster Boys & Youths Sunday 30/3/14
1. Boy1 29kg Jack Desmond Vs bout 2_____________
2. Boy 131kg bout 3___________ ____ Vs bout 4___________
3. Boy1 33kg bout 5_________________ Vs bout 6____________
4. Boy1 36kg Bout 7____________ ___ __ Vs Bout 8____________
5. Boy1 39kg bout 9___________________Vs bout 10____________
6. Boy142kg Patrick Lawlor Vs Bout 11____________
7. Boy1 46kg bout 12__________________Vs bout 13____________
8. Boy148kg Ivan O’Hrim Vs Patrick O’Reilly
9. Boy1 50kg Adam Broderick Vs Jordan Deveraux
10. Boy1 52kg Patrick Mongan Vs Drew Taylor
11. Boy1 54kg Martin McDonagh Vs Bout 14 __________________
12. Boy1 63kg John Sweeney Vs Ryan Smith
13. Jun1 60kg James Molloy Vs Gearoid Lynch
14. Boy2 29kg Billy Faulkner Vs Bout 15____________
15. Boy2 33kg bout 16____________________Vs bout 17_____________
16. Boy2 36kg bout 18____________________VsBout 19______________
17. Boy2 39Kg Callum Walsh Vs bout 1______________
18. Boy2 42kg bout 20____________________Vs bout 21_____________
19. Boy2 44kg bout 22____________________Vs bout 23______________
20. Boy2 46kg Jamie Todd Vs bout 24_________________
21. Boy2 48kg James Power Vs bout 25________________
22. Boy2 50kg Martin Keenan Vs Emest Derviniks
23. Boy2 52kg bout 26____________________Vs bout 27______________
24. Boy2 57kg Erin Cronin Vs bout 28__________________
25. Boy2 60kg Mark Kelleher Vs bout 29__________________
26. Boy2 63kg Adam O’Brien Vs Thomas Keenan
27. Boy2 66kg Darragh Desmond Vs Cathal Crowley
28. Boy2 70kg John O’Donovan Vs Danny O’Connor
29. Boy3 36kg Bernard Casey Vs Sean McCormack
30. Boy3 39kg Fearghal DeFaoite Vs bout 30______________
31. Boy3 42kg Bout 31_____________ _______Vs bout 32______________
32. Boy3 44kg Andrew Condon Vs Lorcan Hurley
33. Boy3 46kg bout 33____________________Vs bout 34______________
34. Boy3 48kg bout 35____________________Vs bout 36_____________
35. Boy3 50kg Patrick Doyle Vs Cillian Spillane
36. Boy3 52kg Derek Murray Vs bout 37_____________
37. Boy3 54kg bout 38____________________Vs bout 39_____________
38. Boy3 60kg Alan O’Donnell Vs Patrick Dunne
39. Boy3 63kg Daniel Burke Vs Luke Barrett
40. Boy3 70kg Seamus O’Sullivan Vs bout 40_______________