1. Boy   1   33kg   S Reilly   OLOL                                 vs      S Mc Carthy  Charleville
  1. Boy   1   36kg   T Fitzpartrick  St Pauls Nenagh      vs      T Murray St Margarets
  1. Boy   1   39kg   P Mc Donagh Glen                         vs     E O Kelly Trojan
  1. Boy   1   60kg   D Darcy Mullinahone                       vs      M Kennan Glen
  1. Boy   1   39kg   L O Callaghan Southside                  vs      D Henrickson St Margarets
  1. Boy   1   44kg   D Falvey Cashen Vale                       vs      D Hanrahan S/Crystal
  1. Boy   1   46kg   S Mc Carthy Charleville                    vs      W Mc Donagh Dungarvan
  1. Boy   1   46kg   J O Neill Charleville                           vs      P O Brien Cashen Vale
  1. Boy   1   48kg   J Higgins Sunnyside                          vs      S Walsh Cashen Vale
  1. Boy   1   54kg   D Taylor Trojan                                  vs     M Mongan OLOL
  1. Boy   2   31kg   D O Brien  Charleville                        vs     W Faulkner OLOL
  1. Boy   2   39kg   R Tobin S/Crystal                              vs      L Daly St Margarets
  1. Boy   2   57kg   K O Roarke Kinsale                           vs      P Mongan OLOL
  1. Boy   3   39kg   M Casey Southside                           vs     N Jeynes Dungarvan
  1. Boy   3   48kg   S Hanley St Pauls Nenagh                vs     N Reilly OLOL
  1. Boy   3   42kg   D O Donell Charleville                       vs     W Reilly OLOL
  1. Boy   3   57kg   J O Sullivan Cashen Vale                   vs     E Dervinks St Pauls Nenagh
  1. Boy   3   36kg   T Mc Donagh St Johns                      vs     R Downey Cashen Vale

Ring 2.

  1. Boy   4   48kg   N Nevin St Pauls Nenagh           vs    M Mc Donagh Glen
  1. Boy   3   57kg   P Mc Donagh St Johns                 vs    J Mc Veigh Trojan
  1. Jun   2    63kg   J Keenan Glen                              vs    P Cawley Dungarvan
  1. Boy  3    54kg   A Mc Dongh St Johns                   vs    J Mc Garry Mullinahone
  1. Boy  3    57kg   J Power Macroom                          vs    T L Casey Southside
  1. Boy  4    46kg   M Hutchinson  Mullinahone          vs    A Higgins Sunnyside
  1. Boy  4    54kg   C Spillane Trojan                             vs   P N Donovan OLOL
  1. Boy  4    63kg   C Downey Sunnyside                       vs   P Keenan Dungarvan
  1. Jun   1    54kg   A Ryan Charleville                           vs   D Quinlan Mullinahone
  1. Jun 1 57kg Bcasey Southsids            vs  T  Mc Donagh St Johns
  1. Jun   1    80kg   J Adair Macroom                             vs   D Canty Kinsale
  1. Jun   1    90kg   S Boyle St Pauls Nenagh                  vs   C Mc Donagh Dungarvan
  1. Jun   2    48kg   J Reilly OLOL                             vs   R Horgan St Margarets
  1. Jun   2   70kg   P Keenan OLOL                         vs   O Mitchell St Pauls Nenagh
  1. Jun   2    90kg   K Sheedy OLOL                    mun       vs   J Mitchell St Pauls Nenagh

[1] Boy 1 29kg D Burke Tralee vs C Doherty Mullinahone
[2] Boy 1 29kg D Casey Southside vs N Keegan Mayfield
[3] Boy 1 31kg M Mc Carthy Tralee vs P Mc Carthy Mayfield
[4] Boy 1 33kg S Mc Carthy Charleville vs M J O Brien Fr Horgans
[5] Boy 1 33kg C Murphy Sunnyside vs D Falvey Cashen Vale
[6] Boy 1 33kg B O Donovan Carleville vs S Reilly OLOL
[7] Boy 1 36kg J O Donovan Charleville vs L O Callaghan Southside
[8] Boy 1 36kg M Mc Carthy Mayfield vs B O Conner Sliabh Luchra

[9] Girl1 36kg S Morrissey Fr Horgans vs A Fitzmaurice Sliabh Luchra
[10] Girl1 36kg H Deleany Fermoy vs S Roche Sunnyside

[11] Boy 1 39kg T O Reilly Cashel vs L Quinlan Sunnyside
[12] Boy 1 39kg P Brown Sliabh Luchra vs S Kamel Southside
[13] Boy 1 46kg J O Neill Charleville vs S Walsh Cashen Vale
[14] Boy 1 48kg J Higgins Sunnyside vs D Malcaves Fermoy

[15] Boy 2 29kg T Mc Carthy Mullinahone vs J Casey Southside
[16] Boy 2 36kg S Cairns Fr Horgans vs T Monaghan Cashel
[17] Boy 2 46kg P O Reilly Mitchelstown vs J Pratt St Pauls Nenagh
[18] Boy 2 42kg W Reilly Mullinahone vs P Molloy Southside
[19] Boy 2 50kg T Deleany Mitchelstown vs P O Reilly OLOL

[20] Boy 3 33kg N Martin Mayfield vs R Downey Cashen Vale
[21] Boy 3 36kg J Reynolds Mayfield vs J O Driscoll Fr Horgans
[22] Boy 3 42kg W Reilly OLOL vs D O Donnell Charleville
[23] Boy 3 39kg M Casey Southside vs T Croin Mayfield
[24] Boy 3 48kg S Hanley St Pauls Nenagh vs J Sherlock OLOL
[25] Boy 3 46kg T Mc Carthy Mayfield vs T O Reilly Mitchelstown
[26] Boy 3 54kg B Deleany Cashel vs D Greene Mitchelstown
[27] Boy 3 57kg J O Sullivan C/Vale vs E Dervinks St Pauls Nenagh
[28] Boy 3 54kg W B O Reilly Mitchelstown vs E Stanton Mayfield
[29] Boy 3 57kg T Deleany Cashel vs J Casey Southside

[30] Boy 4 54kg C O Meara St Pauls Nenagh vs T Burke Tralee
[31] Boy 4 63kg C Downey Sunnyside vs A O Donnell OLOL

[32] Jun 1 46kg N Nevin St Pauls Nenagh vs T Mc Carthy Mayfield
[33] Jun 1 48kg M Pratt St Pauls Nenagh vs D O Driscoll Fr Horgans

Remember all Boxers pay €2 Entrance free at the Door

[1] Boy 1 29kg D Burke Tralee vs J Casey Southside
[2] Boy 1 29kg T Carthy Mullinahone vs N Keegan Mayfield
[3] Boy 1 36kg S Scanlon Trojan vs D O Neill Charleville
[4] Boy 1 36kg D Henrickson St Margarets vs L O Callaghan Southside
[5] Girl 1 36kg S Roche Sunnyside vs A Fitzmaurice S/Luchra
[6] Boy 1 39kg P Brown S/Luchra vs P Mc Donagh Glen
[7] Boy 1 46kg J O Doherty Trojan vs J O Neill Charleville
[8] Boy 2 31kg C Doherty Mullinahone vs D O Brien Charleville
[9] Boy 2 39kg S Cairns Fr Horgans vs T Monoghan Cashel
[10]Boy 2 46kg J Pratt St Pauls Nenagh vs P O Reilly Mitchelstown
[11]Boy 2 42kg W O Reilly Mullinahone vs M O Reilly OLOL
[12]Boy 2 50kg T Deleany Mitchelstown vs M Faulkner OLOL
[13]Boy 3 39kg M Casey Southside vs B O Conner S/Luchra
[14]Boy 2 63kg M J Keenan Leeside Lough vs B Mc Donagh OLOL
[15]Boy 2 54kg D Taylor Trojan vs P O Reilly OLOL
[16]Boy 3 42kg P Molloy Southside vs T O Reilly Spartan
[17]Boy 3 46kg K Roche Sunnyside vs B Piggott Ennis
[18]Boy 3 54kg C O Meara St Pauls Nenagh vs B Deleany Cashel
[19]Boy 3 57kg W B O Reilly Mitchelstown vs E Dervinks St Pauls Nenagh
[20]Boy 3 57kg J Casey Southside vs T Deleany Cashel
[21]Boy 4 46kg T O Brien Fr Horgans vs O Mc Donagh Leeside Lough
[22]Boy 4 46kg J Ryan Ennis vs J O Reilly Spartan
[23]Boy 4 48kg E Donovan OLOL VS M Mc Donagh Glen
[24]Boy 4 50kg T L Casey Southside vs C Spillane Trojan
[25]Boy 4 54kg T Burke Tralee vs A Ryan Charleville
[26]Jun 1 46kg T Mc Carthy Mayfield vs M Pratt St Pauls Nenagh
[27]Jun 1 48kg D O Driscoll Fr Horgans vs Q O Halloran St Margarets
[28]Jun 1 57kg A Burke Tralee vs I Bowman Charleville
[29]Girl 16 57kg T Russell Northside vs S Kelly S/Luchra
[30]Jun 2 60kg J Keenan Glen vs R Downey Trojan
[31]Jun 2 60kg D Griffen S/Luchra vs B Casey Southside

Any Queries please contact robbie 0857743468

All clubs with people entered in the R/J course note the following dates and venue will be the Firgrove hotel Mitchelstown 25. 26. 27. November and 2. 3. 4. December time 7pm the test will be carried out in Southside boxing club on dec the 14 th at 11am!!

Following are the people for the first three evenings R/J
Tom Nolan Neenagh David hickey. Peter Whelan. Chris hickey Petra Elthorp. Cashel. James Phillips. Jillian Dunne. Daniel graham. Thurles. Bernard Barry. Tom. Finn St Nicks. Tom Martin. Rivers town. Lee Morrissey. John. Morrissey. Fr Horgans. Billy OSullivan. Middleton. Patrick. Walsh. St Colmans. John O Donovn. Setanta Shane. Forde. Andrew Thornton Togher Sean. Murphy Sunnyside Tommie O Donnell Adam Kennedy Charleville Sean OShea. Denis ODonoghue Tralee this group will attend on the 25/26/27 November pens paper pads mitts ect at seven o’clock sharp in the Firgrove hotel good luck

Results of the Munster Championships 2014

1. 64Kg D, Moore Corpus Christi Lost to T, Boyd Thurlas
2. 81Kg J, Mitchell St Francis Lost to D, Brosnan S/Luchra
3. 64Kg J, Long Sunnyside Lost to C, O’Donovan Togher
4. 85Kg A, Jackman St Pauls Lost to P, Clavin Thurlas
5. 91Kg B, Smith Rathkeale Lost to B, O’Sullivan Tralee
6. 67Kg D, Lewis St Francis Beat D, Mc Namara Corpus Christi
7. 71Kg B, McGuire Clonmel Beat S, Power St, Colmans
8. 71Kg M, O’Reilly Tramore Beat A, Hargraves Corpus Christi
9. W/o
10. 54kg T , Casey Southside Beat C, Keane Riverstown
11. 60Kg L, O’Reilly St Colmans Lost to M, Brophy Corpus Christi
12. 67Kg D, O’Conner Southside Beat T, Finn St Nicks
13. W/o
14. 60Kg S, Benson Southside Beat L, McKenna Clonmel
15. 75Kg G,Moore St Francis Lost to V, Beluski Watergrass
16. 64Kg N, Bowen St Francis Lost to K, Twomey Trojan
17. 64Kg J, Molone T/Town Lost to T, Boyd Thurlas
18. W/O
19. 81Kg A, Heller Togher Beat D, Brosnan S/Luchra
20. 85Kg R, Barrett Rathkeale Lost to P, Clavin Thurlas
21. 91Kg C,,O’Donoven Mullinahone Lost to B, O’Sullivan Tralee
22. 64Kg K, Hurley Tramore Beat J, Pelan Glan
23. 64Kg M,Falvey C/Vale Lost to C, O’Donovan Togher
24. –
25. 54Kg A, O’Nell Corpus Christi Best L Murphy Trojan
26. 54Kg K,O’Sullivan Riverstown Beat E, Gallagher Corpus Christi
27. 60Kg V, Flamilton St Francis Beat A, Friday Tipp Town
28. 64Kg L , Reeves Southside Lost to M, Noonan Riverstown
29. 71Kg M, Fitzpatrick Riverstown Beat J, Harty Rathkeale
30. 71Kg B, McGuine Clonmel Lost to M, O’Reilly Tramore

To: Provincial Councils & County Boards
(Please distribute to ALL Clubs in your Unit immediately)

National Intermediate Championships 2014

Dates: 14th , 15th, 21st , 22nd , 29th November. Finals 5th & 6th December

Venue: National Stadium, Dublin

Provincial Weigh In on Saturday 8th November in the following:

Connacht 9.00am-11.00am in The Dalton In Hotel, Ballina
(Officials: Joe Hennigan, Fiona Hennigan & Stephen Connolly)
Ulster/Antrim: 9.00am-11.00am in Newtownstewart
(Officials Sean Canavan, Eugene O’Kane & Sadie Duffy)
Munster 9.00am-11.00am in Southside Boxing Club, Limerick
(Officials: Larry Morrison, Larry Durand & Anna Moore)
Leinster/Dublin: 9.00am-11.00am in The Ringside Club, Dublin
(Officials: Tommy Murphy, Philip Rooney & Maura Campbell)

Subsequent Friday November 14th 8.00am to 10.00am & 12.00pm-1.00pm
Weigh -ins Saturday November 15th 8.00am to 9.00am
Sunday November 16th 8.00am to 9.00am
Friday November 21st 8.00am to 10.00am & 12.00pm-1.00pm
Saturday 22nd November 8.00am to 9.00am
Saturday 29th November 8.00am to 10.00am & 12.00pm-1.00pm
Dec 5th & 6th (Finals) 8.00am to 10.00am & 12.00pm-1.00pm

Age Requirements: (Males) Shall have reached the age of 18 years and be under 40 years of age on November 14th of this year. (Females) Shall have reached the age of 19 and be under the age of 40 on November 14th of this year. & have not competed in a National Elite Championship Final and not have won a Provincial Elite Championship.

Boxing Friday November 14th 6pm
Saturday November 15th Contingent on Entries
Nov 22nd , 24th Contingent on Entries
Nov 29th Contingent on Entries
Dec 5th & 6th (Finals) 7.30pm

Draw: **All Weigh in forms must be send via email or fax by the Provinces with correct names clubs and official weights for the draw.**

Will take place at 6pm on Monday November 10th. The results of which will be sent to Each Provincial Council for circulation. They will also be posted on our website.

Women: 46kg / 48kg / 50kg/ 52kg / 54kg / 57kg / 60kg / 63kg / 66kg / 70kg 75kg / 80kg / 86kg

Men: 48kg / 51kg / 54kg / 57kg / 60kg / 64kg / 67kg / 71kg / 75kg / 81kg / 85kg / 91kg / 91+kg

Entries: Entries should be forwarded in writing to reach the undersigned by Wednesday November 5th. Only boxers for whom entries have been received by that date will be allowed box. Entries must specify weight division and date of birth.
Boxing: Boxing will be over 3×3 minute rounds for men and over 4×2 minute rounds for women.

Medical Record Cards and entry fee of 20 Euros must be produced at the initial weigh in. Males must present themselves clean shaven. NO HEADGUARDS for all male boxers over 18 as per new AIBA Rules.

All must advise details of any medication they are taking or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. Anti Doping may be carried out at any stage of the competition.

Attention is called to the stipulation in the IABA Rule book that each boxer presented by his/her club shall be fit to box. This is the responsibility of the club.

It is a condition of entry that all competitors and officials have signed the Members Acknowledgement Form or will not be allowed to participate.

Pregnancy Declaration forms must be signed by boxers and guardians in the case of minors. Female Boxers must not wear long sleeved shirts under vests. Hair must be tied back and swimming hats should be worn under headgear.

Attire: Boxers shall have one red and one blue vest. Coaches must wear track suits and runners at all sessions and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene at all times in the corners

N.B. Red or Orange Gum Shields are strictly prohibited.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Crowley
Hon Secretary, Boxing Council, IABA Ltd

Munster/Nationals entry!

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Contact

All clubs don’t forget entries for league style tournaments to Robbie Aherne his email on Munster web also entries to me for Novice ,Intermediate ,And past champs by 31st oct or very soon there after tojameswalsh74@icloud. Com weigh in for Nat inters on morn of 8 th nov same time as for munsters entry fee for Munster €10 fee for nationals €20 total if going to Dublin €30 good luck